2018 Workshops

2018 Workshops by CCA

Workshop Dates (2018) Cost (inc GST) Recommended For:
All Board Members Treasurers Managers Adminis-trators
For Charities
Do Your Own Tier 4 Report 13 June $ 35

Tier 3 and 4: The fine print. 23 May $ 25      √

Other Workshops
CCA Spreadsheets 14 March $ 25

Small Payroll 22 August $ 25

Financial Control 27 June $ 25
Treasurer Induction see link $ 40

Accounting for Grants 8 August $ 25

Financial Governance for Boards and Committees on request on application

Longer Courses
Not-For-Profit Administration and Management (*) Whole year during term time (Tue) $ 60 (for year)

Bookkeeping and Accounting for Starters Whole year during term time (Wed) $ 60 (for year)

NFP Administrator Crash Course (Reg of Interest only) 12 weeks July-October $ 165.50


(*) Courses run through Hagley Community College. For enrolments go here.

All other courses: Register Below

Payment: CCA-run courses will be invoiced after registration and payment is optional.

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