NFP Admin Crash Course

Are there gaps in your knowledge of your organisation?

Not-for-profits operate in a tight legal enviroment, and it’s not one you learn about at school or even uni. If you’re in a manager or administrator position of a small(ish) not-for-profit, chances are you have been trying to learn about these things on the job. Or you might have been trying to apply business knowledge, and hit some unexpected and probably highly annoying roadblocks.

These things can sink a not-for-profit, so it’s important to get them right.

CCA is offering a full-year Not-for-profit administration and management course at Hagley Community College’s adult education programme every year. But a year is a long commitment, so some people have told us they’d like something shorter.

If there is enough interest, CCA will put on a 12-session Not-for-profit Administration Crash Course during school term 3, starting 24 July and finishing 9 October (Tuesdays, 9.30-11.30 each week). Tentative cost will be $165.50 (inc GST), which equates to $12 + GST per week.

The course would cover:

  • Legal structures for not-for-profits: Charitable Trusts, Societies, Registered Charities etc.
  • Governance (Boards and Committees)
  • Funding
  • Bookkeeping Basics/Understanding Financial Information
  • Charity Reporting
  • Internal Financial Controls
  • Employing Staff.

We are asking for registrations of interest only at this stage.

Registration of Interest - NFP Crash Course
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