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CCA is a very special accounting firm: we specialise in not-for-profit organisations.

Accounting is essential for any business – profit or not-for-profits. But not-for-profits have much higher accountability and reporting requirements, and are a lot more dependent on professional accounting services. Services that are prohibitively expensive and can be a large financial drain especially on smaller organisations. See here for some of the differences in for-profit and not-for-profit accounting.

Our answer:

1. We are a registered charity ourselves, so any fees paid to us stay in the non-profit sector.

2. It is more economical for funders to fund us to provide free or cheap accounting or audit services than for community organisations to spend their funds to buy accounting services on the open market. Funding not-for-profit specific accounting services is a highly effective and very economical way to improve efficiency and reduce a large overhead item.

3. We provide direct accounting services for organisations, but also workshops and mentoring to raise the skill levels in financial administration and management in organisations. Such training reduces the dependencies on external accountants.

4. Audits are a big headache for many organisations – we make them affordable.

5. Our own costs are being kept down by providing internships for Ara and University of Canterbury accounting students. An added bonus of this arrangement is that these students are exposed to not-for-profit accounting, otherwise not a requirement for any accounting degree by any University or Polytech in New Zealand.

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