2019 Workshop Programme Now Available

Need a bit of a spruce-up on common everyday issues in your not-for-profit? Maybe one of our workshops will do the trick.

CCA workshops are designed specifically for not-for-profits. We will be running the same workshops as last year, for more information see here.

The first workshop of the year will be on CCA accounting spreadsheets, which is the second-most popular accounting software used by our clients.

Our most popular workshop last year, “Tier 3+4 – The Fine Print” is back, as is the long-running favourite ‘Grant Accounting‘.

We’ve also brought back the workshop ‘Understanding Financial Statements‘, which we haven’t run in the last 2 years. This one gives an overview of your end-of-year financials, what to make of them, and how to use them for decision-making.

If you have more specific training needs for your organisation, why not approach us and see what else we can do for you.