CCA Marks 200th Enrolment

CCA’s client enrolment number has passed the 200 mark for the first time earlier this week. This is up from just under 150 clients this time last year, and about 90 this time two years ago, reflecting a very steady growth rate of about one new client added every week.

The biggest group are organisations identifying themselves as ‘neighbourhood/community’ at 26% of our clients, followed by social services (18%) and education (17%). The strongest growth has come from sports clubs, now at 12% of total clients, while the biggest relative decline has been in social and health services, which make up 26% of our clients compared to 34% last year and 36% the year before (although both groups grew in absolute terms).

The changes in the percentage of sector representation are probably mostly due to social and health services being the first to jump at the opportunities CCA offered when we first started rather than changes in the make-up of the not-for-profit sector as a whole.

55% of our clients are small groups (under $50,000 in annual income), a percentage unchanged from last year. Our smallest client turns over about $2,000 in a year, while our biggest one is around $3m. The total income of all our clients is around $15m and 95% are from Christchurch or rural North Canterbury (including Kaikoura).