Lockdown at CCA

As a non-essential business we had to close the office as of 25 March 2020 for the duration of the NZ lockdown.

We are operating as normal otherwise.

Our phone number (03-260 0509) diverts to Harald’s private number, and is available.

End-of-Year Work

As work will slow down for many people for a while, this may be a good time to look at your accounts and get the end-of-year work with us on the way. We expect that many people will stop working altogether and work will slow down for us somewhat. This will create a huge bulge later in the year, and long waiting times, so “Now’s Good”.


It would help tremendously if hard-copy documents would be made available electronically, i.e. scanned and/or saved to a facility like Dropbox, Sharepoint, OneDrive or Google Drive.

It may be possible to receive your hard-copy documents during the lockdown, taking certain safety precautions and avoiding personal contact, but government may also impose further restrictions which will make this impossible.

When couriering files, please use this address for the lockdown period only:


c/- Harald Breiding-Buss

244 Pine Avenue

Christchurch 8062

Other Help

Even without end-of-year stuff you may want to use the time to sort some things out, or tidy them up. We can help remotely via Skype or Teams, or using the old-fashioned phone. In the first place, please always email info@commaccounting.co.nz, and you’ll be directed to someone who’s available to help.

Take care out there.