Name Change for CCA

You will see us increasingly use the name Community Capacity Accounting instead of the previous Christchurch Community Accounting. The style of our logo and the acronym CCA stay the same.

As we are taking on more clients from outside Christchurch, we felt we had to drop the ‘Christchurch’ from our name and include other regions more in our focus. In particular, Rata Foundation has encouraged and funded us to start providing services in the Nelson/Tasman/Marlborough region, for which subsidised services are now available.

Secondly, CCA’s main aim is to help not-for-profits to use their admin budgets as efficiently as possible. Providing not-for-profit-specific accounting and assurance services is a big part of this, but we provide a lot of education and advice, both through formal educational opportunities as well as direct support and work with groups. Looking at your accounts always provides us with an opportunity for a conversation with you about your group. This is generally known as ‘Capacity Building’, and we wanted to reflect this in our name.

Yes, ‘capacity building’ sounds a bit like corporate-speak – and it is – but it captures what we are all about quite well. Google it, and you’ll see what we mean.