New CCA Accounts-Check Service

CCA is introducing 6PAC, or 6-points accounts check, as a faster, lower-cost alternative to audits or reviews especially for smaller groups.

6PAC focuses specifically on the areas community groups are most interested in, such as their bookkeping, expenditure documentation, and whether the format and content meets the legal requirements. It is for groups who want to haveĀ  someone competent looking over their accounts, but do not want a full Audit or Review, with everything this entails.

We think small groups may particularly like this, but it is an option even for larger ones as well. Because the work we have to do is substantially less than in an audit, we can offer this service very economically, and without having to use resources that are better spent elsewhere. Charges for this service are a flat fee, ranging between $150 and $450 depending on your situation.

6PAC Service