December: Taking pride in being a Not-For-Profit; CCA Workload UpdateUnbalancing Xero; Taking stock of your fixed assets

November:  Admin Woes – Good administration is becoming a survival skill for NFPS; CCA Workload; GST and Accounting Software – Accounting software needs your ongoing input to handle GST correctly; ACC – How Does it Work

August: Strategy Development; Workload and Fees; Income Tax – If you don’t have an IRD number you may still be liable; Charity Reporting – What’s the problem? Here’s our Top 4.

June: XRB out of control?; Dealing with refunds and Re-payments; Non Charity financials and how to present them; DARE to Tier .. for Charities

May: Do you really need an audit?; Reminder Charity Audit requirements; Cash controls

April: Social Enterprise; Workshops in your Area; Grant Tracking; Reporting – More on Outputs & Outcomes

February & March: Making Committee work exciting; Interns at CCA; Office 365; New standards: Outputs & Outcomes

January: More on Capacity Building; 10 Alarm bells for financial systems; Cash Reporting may become the new headache.


December: Capacity Building; PAYPAL – Accepting cards without an expensive bank facility; Are you controlling another entity?

October & November: Qualified Accountants; related party; tax exemptions

September: What Funders Want; Sports Uniforms and Toys

August: Audits – are they actually useful for NFPs?; Accounting Software; Road to 2016: Language; CAs breach Fair Trading Act

July: Funders and Financial Statements; Privacy concerns in Accounting Standards; Road to 2016: Outputs and Outcomes

June: Clients happy with CCA (Survey); Small Business Centre winding up; Road to 2016: Donations and Fees

May: Five Years CCA; GST and Charity Auctions; Too many bank accounts? Road to 2016: Confidentiality

April: Green Accounting; Tax Refunds; CCA Savings; Road to 2016: Mandatory categories.

March: Social Dimensions of Taxation; Paying back grant money; Road to 2016: Should you change from accrual to cash?

February: Investing your Reserves; The ‘Minimalist’, Fee changes at CCA; Road to 2016: Rethinking Depreciation.

January: Tax exemption not a privilege; Launching Accounting 4.0; GST on sale of donated assets; Road to 2016: Reverting to Cash?


November/December: Change the Language of Money!; Road to 2016: Don’t panic; Reconciling your bank account.

October: Accumulating Reserves; Floats and Bonds; Standards Update.

September: Accounting Standards Update; NFP Admin course at Hagley; Credit Cards

August: Accounting Standards Update; GST; Grant accounting in Xero

June/July: Forgotten administrators; Balanced Scorecards

May: Our Statements are handcrafted; Auditing; New Tier system

April: Council funding cuts; PAYE; Unpresented Cheques

March: New Reporting Standards: End of a Golden Age?; Grant Accounting

February: 2014 Workshops; Cost accounting

January: Training Needs Survey results; Paying Board members;


March: Changes to Kiwisaver; Changes to Non-Profit Accounting Framework; Accounting Spreadsheets (pdf)

April: Kiwisaver Update; Cloud Computing (pdf)

May: Contractors; Audits/Reviews (pdf)

June: Kiwisaver: Doing it right?; Tax Refunds; Earthquake Grants for Businesses.

July: Mileage Reimbursements; Ministry Proposals to Tighten Non-Profit Audits

August: Fringe Benefit Tax; Non-Profit Accounting; MYOB

September: Selling Stuff; Accrual Accounting; Earthquake Accounting Help

October: Training Needs; Accounting Software Review; Collaboration Costs.

November :Accounting Workshops; CCA Accounting Workbooks; GST “Code of Conduct”

December :Payroll Woes; Workshop and Spreadsheet Updates


January:  Proposed Accounting Standards; Withholding Tax on Presenters.

February: Refunds; Capital Expenses.

March: Payroll Changes; Fraud

May:  Account to Survive; Changes to Audit Proposal; Depreciation and Assets; Who Are XRB?

June: Audits: What Are They? ; Acrual Accounting Threshold Changed; Fraud Risks in Payroll

July: CCA as a money saver; Reserves; Umbrella Issues

August: Workshops for Funders; CCA Training; NFPs and Income Tax; GST on childcare subsidies.

September: New audit bill; Capital Grants; Using your Financial Statements.

October: Views on Public Accountability; Tax Code ME; Fruit and Vege Co-Ops

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