Accounting 4.1

Accounting 4.1

Released 16 January 2017


  • a cashbook able to reconcile with up to four bank or other cash accounts.
  • grant tracking functionality telling you how much you have left in each grant at any given time and creates reports for individual grantWeb pictures.
  • Budget tracking.
  • Project tracking.
  • Income/Expenditure reports at the click of a button.
  • Journal, Balance Sheet and Financial Statements functionality.
  • Cashflow Report (required for the new Charities Financial Reporting Standards).
  • Special Editions to help Charities with annual reporting.

Use of our spreadsheets is free, and we take no responsibility for coding errors.

For a basic, cash-based version, see The Minimalist

We do appreciate if you report any bugs you find.

Note: These are Microsoft Excel 2016 workbooks. There may be some loss of functionality when using previous versions of Excel or other spreadsheet software. Not-for-profits can usually acquire Microsoft software at minimal cost from Techsoup.

Macros must be enabled in your spreadsheet to use reporting functions!

Versions for non-Charities

                                 GST registered? Use this one:     Accounting4.1GST

                                 Not registered? This one’s for you: Accounting4.1non-GST blank

                                 Manual: Manual 4

(Note: version 4.1 differs slightly from version 4.0 that is described in the manual)

Versions for Charities

What’s different? The Charities Edition gives the option of adding a ‘Charity categorisation’ to your own categories. For example you can assign your ‘stationery’ account to the Charities category ‘Expenses related to providing goods or services’.  In addition to your ‘normal’ reports about income and expenditure, balance sheet, cash flow etc the Charities Edition gives you a new report which generates the figures you need for your annual Charities return with the right classifications without any further manual input from you. The report even warns you if you left an account uncategorised. This functionality is unique to CCA’s Accounting 4.1 and not offered by any commercial accounting software.

Does it work for Tier 3 and 4? Yes, there is a report each depending on what tier you report under. The reports are modeled after the Charities Services annual return forms, and you only need to transfer the numbers from the report to the form. The spreadsheet allows you to do accrual-based accounting even if you report under Tier 4. This is because some accruals have to be made even under Tier 4 (such as Payables or Receivables), and some organisations may wish to create accrual-based reports even if their ‘official’ reporting is on a cash basis.

                                 GST registered? Use this one:     Accounting4.1GST-Charities-Edition

                                 Not registered? This one’s for you: Accounting4.1non-GST Charities Edition

4.1 Release Notes

Compared to version 4.0 there have been several bug fixes:

  • ‘Previous Period’ column in the Income/Expenditure report no longer misses first day of previous period.
  • Transaction sheet no longer locks filtering functions after adding extra lines.
  • Cash Flow and Charity reports now accurately distinguish between payments and receipts for asset purchases even if both have been coded to the same account number.
  • GST automatically added to assets rather than liabilities in Charity reports if a refund is owed (the last two bullet points are unique accounting functionality not available in commercial accounting software).

Most sheets are now password protected to prevent modifications and errors. Users can still add extra sheets or modify report outputs.























New ‘Tier 4’ report to correspond with Charities Services return form.