The Minimalist


The Minimalist is an Excel spreadsheet designed for compliance with the new Tier 4 Financial Reporting Standard for registered Charities.

It uses only the absolute minimum categories that are mandatory under the new rules. Organisations can use this spreadsheet as their day-to-day cashbook and to create a compliant end-of-year cashflow report (=’Statement of Payments and Receipts’). It also contains a template for a basic mandatory ‘Statement of Resources and Commitments’.

The grant functionality from our other spreadsheets is included, meaning that expenditure from grants can also be tracked with this spreadsheets.

The minimum compulsory categories will not be very useful for most organisations for generating financial reports for Committee or Board meetings. We therefore only recommend The Minimalist for groups with quite small financial activity.

The Minimalist does not contain any Macros and is therefore compatible with most versions of Excel as well as open-source spreadsheet software such as StarOffice or OpenOffice.

No-GST version (click to download): MinimalistNoGST

GST version: MinimalistGST

Manual: Under development

Use of our spreadsheets is free, and we take no responsibility for errors in formulae. We do appreciate if you report any such errors to us (email: