CCA offers accounting services to not-for-profits, particularly small ones who cannot afford market rates for accountants.

Click here for pricelist: List of Fees 2015

tick Ongoing Bookkeeping and Reporting

Small not-for-profits sometimes do not have the skills or time to do their bookkeeping well, and may not have the funds to employ someone who can.

CCA can help by:

  • doing all your ‘coding’ for you, i.e. entering transactions in a cashbook.
  • tracking expenditure from grants.
  • providing you with up-to-date reports for your committee meetings, detailing your income and expenditure for the month, last month and the year to date.
  • if you have a budget, we will also provide a ‘variance report’ (expenditure against budget).
  • if you receive grant funding, we can provide reports on how much is left in each grant, and when it is fully spent.
  • compiling the end-of-year Financial Statements in a compliant format.

This service is charged on a flat monthly fee or hourly rate (your choice).

What we can’t do:

  • make payments for you or handle any financial transactions on your behalf.
  • write funding applications or file accountability reports for grants.
  • permanently store your organisation’s files.
  • meet your statutory obligations, such as filing annual returns with Charities Services or the Companies Office.

tickPayroll for up to Five Staff

Many not-for-profits have only one or two employees, probably part-time. Managing PAYE and keeping track of holiday entitlements etc. is often left to the staff themselves or volunteers.

For a fixed fee we can help you work out all the deductions, keep track of all your staff entitlements, issue payslips where required, and file your PAYE returns for you. We will tell you the amounts to pay your staff and IRD – you’ll only have to put the actual payments through. More here

tickSetting Up

We can help new groups set up their financial systems, especially:

  • a cashbook or accounting software, where you record your income and expenditure (we have templates if you need).
  • your accounts so that you get the information out of them that you want.
  • financial reports.
  • grant tracking.

tickUsing Your Software

You may have accounting software or a spreadsheet, but don’t really understand what it does and how to use it. We can help you with understanding:

  • your spreadsheet (any software).
  • MYOB
  • Xero
  • Quickbooks


Accounting tasks that often trip people up are:

  • Petty Cash
  • Reimbursements
  • G.S.T returns and day-to-day accounting
  • End-of-year tasks such as calculating depreciation, accounts payable/receivable and other journal entries
  • Buying and selling fixed assets.
  • Generating Financial Statements.

We’ll help you make sense of this and enable you to do this on your system.


We are designing courses especially for non-profits. More here.



We can help you prepare for your annual audit by helping you generate your Financial Statements and advise on your documentation.

If you want to use us for your audit (verifying your financial statements) at least one of these has to apply:

  • your total gross income for the previous year was below $200,000
  • using a commercial accountant and paying market rates would create particular hardship in your financial situation
  • we have done your audit in the previous year.

Our audit fee varies according to an organisation’s income. Generally it is 0.4% of your income for the financial year that we are auditing, but there are minimum fees ($50 or $100, depending on your turnover).

More information on audits here.


tickOngoing Accounting Support


We can help you to do your own accounting through mentoring and training, and we help with troubleshooting errors you may have made or deal with unusual situations. If you are a small non-profit we are always only a phone call or email away.

We will also provide ongoing support for any issues that arise from using spreadsheets that we have supplied.

We can provide ongoing accounting services (such as filing GST returns, Payroll, end-of-year Financial Statements, monthly financial reports etc), but this is not a free service.

More info here.


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