Xero User Permission for CCA Clients

January 2024

So far, CCA has accessed our client’s Xero account through a single login for all CCA staff. This was to save you the hassle of having to re-do access to Xero every year, depending on which CCA staff was working on your accounts, and of course there may be volunteers or interns involved as well. But it is not ideal, for reasons of tracking an individual’s work and internal access control.

The only other option for you is to give CCA as an organisation user management access, and we would like to use this model. The steps for you to change our type of access are really simple, and can be found here (with screenshots): https://commaccounting.co.nz/wp-content/uploads/2024/01/Change-Xero-Permissions-Manage-Users.pdf

What will happen?

The main change is that this will give us permission to manage all users, and their type of access. You will not lose any of your functionality, but we will be a backup option for you if you need to add or remove users but have lost the ability to do so (for example through a key staff member leaving).

In your list of users, you will also see all CCA staff (but no volunteers or interns) listed as being able to access your account, rather than just the single logon there is at the moment. This way any staff member can continue to help you with any Xero issues if you call, and we do not want to change that. But you and us will be able to see in future who exactly made what changes. We may add user access to your account to a volunteer or intern, but that will be temporary. You can, of course, ask us to restrict access to particular users, and we will do so.

In most cases nothing else will change. However, if your organisation has given us some form of restricted access to your Xero account so far, the change will mean that we will be able to access all Xero functionality that you have subscribed to. If you have any concerns regarding confidentiality, or wanting to avoid us making changes that you do not approve of, please talk to us.

Otherwise, if you have a minute now, please login to your Xero, refer to the above document, and give us ‘manage users’ access.