Required Documents – Audit or Review

Documents we require for an Audit or Review

Below is a list of documents we ask you to provide when you submit your financial statements for audit or review by us. Not all of these items will be relevant to you.

For a pdf checklist of this, click here: Required Documents for Audit or Review Checklist

Required for a Review or Audit:

  • Financial Statements or ‘Performance Report’.
  • Cash Book, or access to accounting software, as follows:
    • For Xero, MYOB Essentials, online versions of MYOB Account Right or Reckon: sufficient access to your file that allows us to view details about any transaction.
    • For desktop versions of MYOB (any version): a backup file of your company file, with login/password if required.
    • For CCA Accounting spreadsheets: a copy of those spreadsheets.
    • For your own electronic cashbook: an excel copy of those.
    • For a manual cashbook: the original cashbook.
    • In all other cases: a general ledger in Excel, Pdf or hard copy. Contact us if you are unsure how to create this in your software
  • Previous year’s audited statements, if available, and not done by CCA.
  • Bank Statements for the entire financial year for all bank accounts, including credit/debit card accounts. (Preferably including 4-6 weeks after balance date).
  • Bank/Investment Statements for any money held by other entities on your behalf (for example church investment accounts).
  • Details of any unpresented cheques or deposits, or any unbanked cash at balance date.
  • Documents of any investments (including term deposit notices, investment portfolio reports, documentation relating to rental property).
  • Documents or records of any income. This is highly dependent on what income you generate, please ask us if unsure. Examples of documentation for income are:
    • Grant Letters
    • Government Contracts
    • Membership List
    • Sales Register
    • Event Registration List
    • Remittance Advices
    • Merchant Services Statements
    • Till reports
    • List of approached sponsors
  • Invoices/Receipts/documents for all payments made (including a lease agreement).
  • Payroll (if applicable):
    • Payroll software used: 1.) a summary report showing total earnings and deductions for all employees for the whole financial year and 2) a leave liability report, showing annual leave owing for all employees at Balance Date.
    • Manual payroll: Your payroll records for the year, including accrual of annual leave.
    • All software: Monthly reports which shows how payments made to/refunds from IRD we calculated.
  • A schedule of fixed assets.
  • GST returns for the financial year.

For an Audit we will also need:

  • For any cash deposits or withdrawals: detailed break-down of what was banked/paid.
  • Working papers or other documents showing how accounts payable, receivable or other accruals were arrived at (including last year’s).
  • Working papers for any manual journals that are not self-explanatory (if accrual accounting used).
  • Details of any leases, loans and hire purchase.
  • Records for petty cash expenditure, if any.
  • Stocktake records, if applicable.
  • If applicable, grants tracking information for the financial year (unless this is done in your software which we have access to).

For an Audit of Registered Charities:

  • Evidence of Outputs Disclosed. (Records or relevant documents of specified outputs.) Note that for non-statutory audits you can opt out of having these audited.