Payroll for Small Organisations

PayWorking out the correct deductions and PAYE returns sometimes cause a bit of a headache for small groups that are paying just one or two staff. Changes in committee members or other upsets sometimes lead to PAYE returns not being done, and then cause hassle with overdue fines and maybe getting them reversed. Sometimes staff are being asked to do it themselves, which may not always be appropriate.

Why not let us take care of it?

For up to five staff we can take care of all your paperwork:

  • work out correct deductions and net pay.
  • file your PAYE returns on time and correctly.
  • email payslips to staff when anything changes.
  • keep track of Annual Leave and Special Leave (Sick Leave) entitlements.

You will still have to pay your staff and pay IRD the amounts we tell you.

Our fees:

$ 10 per PAYE return and

$ 3 per pay per employee

For one fortnightly paid employee you’ll be paying $10 + $6 = $16 per month.

Click here for our Terms & Conditions: Payroll T and C


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