Workshop: Bokkeeping

Bookkeeping is the skill of recording your financial transactions in the right place and in the right way. It is the basis for the financial information that an organisation needs to make decisions, and in the high-compliance environment of charities, for example, it quickly gets expensive to sort out if not done right.

This workshop is about the essentials of bookkeeping as they apply to not-for-profits, including appropriate categorisation of receipts and payments, what to do with grants, GST and more. It does not matter for this workshop whether you use accounting software or your own system.

Harald Breiding-Buss is the managing accountant at Christchurch Community Accounting and also teaches full-year classes on accounting and not-for-profit administration at Hagley Community College for adult learners.

Christchurch: closed.


25 September 2020

9am – 12pm


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