Introduction to CCA & CCA Spreadsheets

Workshop: What CCA Can do For You



CCA is new to the area, and this workshop covers what we can offer as well as an introduction to our resource Accounting 4.1.

  • How we are different from commercial accountants.
  • What we are trying to achieve.
  • What we can offer groups in the area, and what it costs.

In the second part to the workshop we’ll introduce our free Excel-based accounting spreadsheets Accounting 4.1 for those that feel they need a better system. Feel free to leave after the first bit if you are already using accounting software that you are happy with.

  • How to record transactions in Accounting 4.1 and produce reports for your committee, as well as for your auditor.
  • Budgeting and Project functionality.
  • Support through CCA

Thursday 25 June, 10 am – 12 pm


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