NFP At Hagley

Not-For-Profit Administration and Management at Hagley Community College

What is it?

Not-for-profits in New Zealand are operating in an ever tighter high-compliance environment which demands certain skills and knowledge of the people involved even in the smallest not-for-profits. CCA is offering a full-year Not-for-Profit Administration and Management course through Hagley Community College’s After 3 community education programme in 2024. The course ran for the first time in 2015 and is aimed at administrators, managers, volunteers or Board/Committee members of small or medium-sized not-for-profit entities, or anyone planning to work in this sector or setting up a not-for-profit themselves. It fills a training gap for administration and management skills that are specific to not-for-profit situations.

What’s Covered?


  • What makes NFPs different from businesses?
  • Legal structures of not-for-profits: types, incorporation, constitutions.
  • Roles and responsibilities of governance boards and committees.
  • Registering as a Charity: pros and cons, legal obligations of Charities.

Funding and Accountability

  • Sources of funds
  • Grants
  • Government contracts


  • Understanding financial reports.
  • Financial decision-making.
  • The basics of Charity reporting.


  • Internal controls
  • Organisational performance management
  • Strategy
  • Health & Safety
  • Marketing
  • Staff recruitment, employment and management

What Can You Do With It?

A key aim of the course is to set you up with the skills to negotiate the strict legal and financial compliance environment faced by not-for-profits and giving you the insights and knowledge to run an organisation well.

Some students in past courses have obtained jobs in the not-for-profit sector during the year and reported that doing the course has helped their application greatly.

When, How and How Much?

When: Mondays at 6-8 pm during Term time at Hagley Community College.

How: Enrolments are through Hagley Community College. For a full list of courses see here. Enrolments: here

How Much: A one-off enrolment fee of $100. No further charges.