2024 Workshops by CCA

Workshop Cost Location Date Time
New Charity Reporting Rules        
Tier 4 – do it yourself free online 16 April (Tue) 10 am
12 August (Mon) NEW DATE 6 pm
17 July (Wed) 10 am
19 Sep (Thur) 10 am
Tier 3 – important changes in 2024 $35 online 30 April (Tue) 10 am
24 July (Wed) 10 am
Other Topics
GST $25 online 2 July (Tue) 10 am
Managing Grants and Projects in Xero $25 online 13 August (Tue) 10 am
CCA Accounting Spreadsheets free online  9 April (Tue) 10 am
New Treasurer ‘Induction’ $25 online 7 Aug (Wed) 6 pm
Longer Courses  
Bookkeeping and Accounting for Starters(*) $100 (whole year) Christchurch Term time 6pm Wednesdays
Not-For-Profit Administration and Management (*) $100 (whole year) Christchurch Term time 6pm Mondays

(*) Courses run through Hagley Community College. Starting early February 2023

Payment: CCA-run courses will be invoiced after the course has run and payment is optional. To register follow the workshop link in the table.

Governance workshops are offered by volunteering organisations across the top of the South Island:

Volunteering Canterbury: see here

Volunteer Nelson: see here

Volunteer Marlborough: see here